Tuesday, 6 March 2012



as usual larr. if we end up our conversation conform cakap ILY kan?
macam jua sa went sama si bapa munyit.
we end up conversation with saying ILY. haha
but suddenly sa t'ingat time dulu dulu time sa masih mudaa. hahaa

dulu dulu punya style:

me: I love u bie.
him: I love u too.
me: I love u three.
him: I love u fourEVER

we end up our conversation like this in every massage or call so we know that we'll are in love and no want will separate us even the star will fall to the ground cause we know that we'll be together until the end of our life.
than at last, it hurt me A LOT!
I really want to do this to bapa munyit but im scared because it make me remembering all the pieces that i have been through.

damn u memories~

I LOVE YOU my lil Tella and Munyit. Muahmuah ♥