Friday, 16 March 2012




im really SORRY for not being there when you need me and im also sorry for not being there to watch you GROWING UP day by day. uhuu

bukan sa tidak mau balik or sengaja tia mau balik. cuma teda masa mau balik and if sa balik pun sepa mau hantar?? lagi pun sa mau jimat jimat suda nie duit. sbb kau paham lar ada salah 1 dari mak cik kau tue lupa daratan. biar kan saja dia k. if sa ada duit lebih nanti or ada kawan yang bawa keta. komform sa balik rumah pi jumpah kau than kita jalan jalan k.

so, we can hangout together. i will spent every second with you  to replace the time that im not being there with you. i will show you that even you only got me as your mother and your father. atleast you know that there's still someone out there that still care about us. Than i want you to meet my friend especially for those who always with us when you still at tummy. heeee. muahmuah to them.

i love you for a thousand year okey baby.

  • your the reason why i still fight the darkness inside me. 
  • your the reason why i keep smiling even im dying inside. 
  • your the one who make me feel im special for having you in my life. 
  • your the one who give me strength to do all the stuff that i don't want to do.

i promise you gonna be my only one. even him wont make me change my mind for not stopping love you. muah. LOVEYOUALWAYS~ muah


I LOVE YOU my lil Tella and Munyit. Muahmuah ♥